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PMD Beauty/ E-Commerce

Clean Beauty Redvolution

PMD Beauty, headquartered in Draper, Utah, USA, is a globally recognized beauty company renowned for its smart beauty tools and skincare products. Seeking to elevate their online presence and streamline their e-commerce operations, PMD Beauty partnered with AT Digitals to develop and launch their Shopify headless e-commerce store.


PMD Beauty sought a robust e-commerce solution to cater to their international customer base. They desired a platform that offered:
1. Scalability:  A future-proof solution to accommodate growth.
2. Regionalization:  Ability to support multiple regions with localized experiences.
3.Flexibility: A headless architecture for independent front-end development.
4. Streamlined Operations:  Integration with existing back-end systems for efficient order fulfillment.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve PMD Beauty's goals, we implemented the following approach:


Headless Shopify

Leveraged Shopify's robust backend for product management, checkout, and payment processing.


Single-Page Application

Built the storefront using Angular, a dynamic framework, for a seamless user experience.


GraphQL Integration

Implemented GraphQL to efficiently retrieve product, order, and user data from Shopify's database.


Regionalized Configuration

Created a single codebase with regional configurations for consistency & localization flexibility.


Middleware Integration

Built Node.js middleware to sync order, update inventory, & manage shipping across shopify, dynamic & depot.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed and developed by our ATDigitals team


PMD Beauty's new headless e-commerce store boasts:
1. Enhanced Scalability:  The platform can handle growing traffic and future product expansions.
2. Regionalized Reach:  PMD Beauty can cater to diverse audiences with localized experiences.
3. Flexible Development:  The headless architecture empowers independent front-end innovation.
4. Streamlined Operations:  Efficient order management through seamless integration with back-end systems.

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