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Playzo / Sports

Book your favorite sports facilities with ease.

A revolutionary online sports booking platform that transcends the boundaries of a simple turf booking service. This case study explores how we collaborated to develop a user-friendly platform that fosters a thriving community for sports enthusiasts in India.


Playzo 33 sought to develop a dynamic and user-friendly platform that would facilitate the seamless booking of sports facilities while fostering a community of sports lovers. The goal was to create an engaging online destination that integrates booking functionalities, community features, and an intuitive user experience.


The primary objective was to build a comprehensive online platform for Playzo 33 that would streamline the booking process for sports facilities, enhance user engagement through community-driven features, and ensure a seamless and enjoyable user experience.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve Playzo’s goal, we implemented the following approach:



Created user-centric interface with easy navigation, wireframes, and prototypes for seamless booking and community interactions, prioritizing visual appeal and usability.


Booking System

We developed a user-friendly interface for easy online booking and management of sports facilities, streamlining scheduling and saving time.



Ensured platform responsiveness for optimal experience on desktops, tablets, & smartphones. Conducted extensive testing for compatibility across browsers and screen sizes.



Developed backend system managing user accounts, bookings, payments, & community interactions. Integrated analytics for tracking user behaviour & platform performance.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed &developed by our ATDigitals team


The launch of Playzo33's new platform has resulted in:
1. Streamlined Booking Process: The intuitive booking system allows users to easily reserve sports facilities, resulting in higher user satisfaction and repeat bookings.
2. Increased Bookings: The user-friendly booking system has simplified the process, leading to a significant rise in online sports facility bookings.
Overall, the Playzo 33 platform has successfully transformed the sports booking experience, establishing a dynamic and engaging destination for sports enthusiasts to connect, stay active, and enjoy recreational activities.

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