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AlterKnit New York

Reknitting and Reweaving Garments

E-Commerce Web Application
Tech Stack – Angular , Node Js

Our Client

AlterKnit New York is an online platform for services like sweater repairs, invisible mending, french reweaving, knit alterations, suit reparation, shoe & bag repair, knit restyling and much more. It’s a B2C & B2B Company where the customers drop in for custom tailoring options.

The Goal

AlterKnit wished to build an E Commerce application for their unique services & offerings, which is the next big step of traditional tailoring. (Re-knitting – Harvesting the yarn from your garment). Miriam Mades (Founder of AlterKnit New York LLC) wants to expand the services to every city across the United States. AlterKnit team believes in organic traffic rather than paid advertisements. AT Digitals brought their expertise in building a best-in-class user experience through the web application.

Our Plan & Process

AT Digitals team introspected the Client’s need, worked closely with the client’s team to design a highly responsive prototype UI & creative mockups as a starting point, where the end users can book for required services and can add any level of customisations to their order – which is the main differentiator.

(Source – AlterKnit New York LLC)

Our UI/UX designers meticulously designed the application using Figma and the development team did the needful completing the whole application development process in quick succession. Our testing team ensured the concurrent usability scenarios and performances.

We created this web application for AlterKnit New York, where their customers can book / opt in for their unique services through the website in an e-commerce like flow either by “Ship It” or “NYC Complimentary Pickup”. We integrated multiple third party API’s like Fedex Ship API to enable the users for a smooth service booking facilities.

Ship It – You will get a pre-addressed / pre-paid FedEx shipping label and a copy of the order mailed to you.
NYC Complimentary Pickup – Delivery is complimentary from 24 hr residential doorman buildings.

The Results

AlterKnit expanded its traditional offline method of business into a digital platform and we are honoured to have enabled this opportunity to get online a 100 year old traditional company.

A B2C company, later on, emerged into a B2B company. AKNY is now associated with top fashion brands like Gucci, Balmain, Chenal, Pringle of Scotland.