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Blusim / Healthcare

Empowering health through data insights.

Blusim is at the forefront of health monitoring innovation with their BluSim Mat, a state-of-the-art system designed to detect vital signs such as heart rate, respiration rate, sleep patterns, bed position, and presence.


Utilizing advanced algorithms developed over years of research, Blusim offers both intrusive and non-intrusive solutions for continuous health monitoring. The goal was to create a comprehensive software platform that enhances the functionality of the BluSim Mat, providing real-time data analysis and user-friendly interfaces for healthcare providers and users.


Blusim sought to create a comprehensive remote patient monitoring solution with the following key functionalities:
1. Advanced Sensor Technology: Leverage the BluSim Mat's ability to capture vital health data like heart rate, respiration rate, sleep patterns, bed position, and presence using non-intrusive methods.
2. AI-powered Data Analysis: Integrate sophisticated AI algorithms to analyze sensor data and generate meaningful insights for healthcare professionals.
3. User-friendly Platform: Develop a user-friendly platform for healthcare providers to access real-time patient data, track trends, and make informed care decisions.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve Blusim goals, we implemented a strategic approach:



Conducted detailed consultations with Blusim stakeholders to understand their vision, technical requirements, user expectations, identifying key functionalities like real-time data processing, user-friendly dashboards, alerts, and detailed reporting.


System Architecture

Designed a resilient and scalable system architecture to facilitate real-time data collection, processing, and analysis, ensuring effortless integration with BluSim Mat hardware to enable uninterrupted and continuous monitoring processes.



Integrated Blusim’s state-of-the-art algorithms into the software platform to accurately detect and analyze vitals, while also developing modules to process data for heart rate, respiration rate, sleep patterns, bed position, and presence.




Designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface for both healthcare providers and end-users, incorporating customizable dashboards showcasing real-time vitals, historical data trends, and detailed reports.


Real Time Monitoring &

Implemented real-time monitoring features to provide instant updates on vital signs and developed an alert system to notify users & healthcare providers of any irregularities or critical conditions, ensuring prompt response & intervention when necessary.


Data Analytics &

Integrated advanced data analytics tools for comprehensive health insights and detailed reporting features for summaries, trends, and analysis, empowering healthcare providers with valuable information for informed, personalized care.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed &developed by our ATDigitals team


The Blusim case study exemplifies ATDigitals' commitment to developing innovative solutions that revolutionize the healthcare industry. The Blusim platform empowers healthcare providers with advanced remote patient monitoring capabilities, leading to improved patient care, early detection of health issues, and increased operational efficiency. Blusim's technology paves the way for a future of proactive and preventative healthcare.

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