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AKNY/ E-Commerce

Reknitting and Reweaving Garments

AlterKnit New York stands as a premier online destination offering a wide array of services, including sweater repairs, invisible mending, French reweaving, knit alterations, suit reparation, shoe and bag repair, knit restyling, and beyond. Operating within both the B2C and B2B spheres, our platform caters to discerning customers seeking bespoke tailoring solutions.


AlterKnit aspired to pioneer the next frontier in traditional tailoring by launching an innovative E-commerce application for their distinctive services and offerings, including their groundbreaking re-knitting technique—harvesting yarn from existing garments.


With the ambitious goal of expanding their services nationwide, Miriam Mades, the founder of AlterKnit New York LLC, envisions reaching every city across the United States. In alignment with AlterKnit's philosophy of prioritizing organic growth over paid advertising, the team sought to cultivate a strong online presence. AT Digitals was enlisted to leverage their expertise in crafting an unparalleled user experience for the web application, ensuring seamless navigation and customer engagement.

Our Plan & Process

To achieve Alterknit goals, we implemented the following:



ATDigitals collaborated with AlterKnit New York, diving into requirements to conceptualize a responsive prototype UI and creative mockups. These formed the foundation for a user-centric platform enabling seamless service booking and customizable orders—a key client differentiator.



Our skilled UI/UX designers employed Figma to intricately craft the application, while our development team swiftly executed the envisioned design. Thorough testing ensured top-notch usability and performance across various scenarios and conditions, guaranteeing an exceptional user experience.



The web application allows AlterKnit New York customers to book services seamlessly with an e-commerce-like flow. Integration of third-party APIs like Fedex Ship API ensures smooth booking, offering "Ship It" with a pre-addressed/pre-paid label or "NYC Complimentary Pickup" with 24 hour delivery service.

High Fidelity Wireframes

Final screen designed and developed by our ATDigitals team


AlterKnit's transition from a longstanding offline establishment to a digital platform marks a significant milestone in its evolution. We take great pride in facilitating this transformation, ushering a century-old traditional company into the digital era.

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